Property Documentation

Real Estate is a very dynamic industry and is therefore continuously evolving. Different interests arise per time requiring professional expertise, ranging from buying, to selling, surveying, development, mortgaging, registration, research and management to mention a few.

Our clients have interests in all fields and occasionally request advice from us on which cause to follow. We pride ourselves in an understanding of the ways of land merchants, regulators and the recent trends in the market.

We give an assurance of fastest results in the shortest possible time. It is to this end that we have a team of Land Surveyors, Estate Surveyors and Valuers, Engineers, Architects and other relevant but practical minds.

Our documentation and problem solving methods are case specific as we understand that each case is dynamic in its own rights. Our attention to detail ensures that our clients do not encounter problems in the future. This sometimes require that we visit remote locations and interact with villagers. The interest of our clients is our sole